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All Lift 1 Or 2 Ton Steel Gantry Crane

The All Lift TG2 series steel gantry cranes can lift 4,000 LBS and have height adjustment. Stylishster The I-beam can be adjusted from eight feet to twelve feet in six-inch increments, making it suitable for a variety of loads and working environments. The All Lift TG2 2 Ton Steel Gantry Crane does not move while loaded, but it does come with two cable pullers and brakes for height adjustment.

Spanco’s half-ton bridge cranes offer a versatile lifting solution. They can transport repeat loads and feature a 20-foot bridge. It also has variable run lengths and requires 20-foot center supports. Designed for freestanding use, the Spanco bridge cranes are mobile and can be relocated. Available with a trolley or an inside-the-track festooning system, the bridge crane can be easily relocated to a new location if needed. It also comes standard with a trolley or air operation, and can be installed in a variety of locations, including bridges and buildings. Tishare

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